Whether you are a newly married couple or a family of four, Thailand has something for everyone. From the citylife and temples of Bangkok, to pristine limestone beaches of Krabi – you have a country packed with wonders. Friendliest people, inviting culture and paradise on earth – Thailand has it all. Leonardo De Caprio’s movie about finding paradise on earth was filmed here (The Beach) at Maya Bay of Krabi, Thailand. With turquoise blue water and rich history on shore – its a destination of choice for many – and you should not be left out. Head out to Thailand to have an experience of a lifetime.


Now a days, people tell me that Thailand has lost its charm as it is no more a special destination because almost everyone goes there. My argument is simple, it is too good to be missed and thats why everyone goes there. Dont make a fool of yourself by not visiting Thailand. Rather go to those places in Thailand where it is not so frequently visited by others and enjoy the tranquility.

Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand

There are many awesome beaches in Thailand but the bests are three – Phuket, Krabi and Ko Samui. There are also Ko Lanta, Pattaya and many others. But the best among best from a scenic beauty side is undoubtedly Krabi, with its unbelievably beautiful Railay Beach.

We started from Krabi as we came into Thailand from Langkawi. When you enter Thailand, there are some pre-requisites for you to get the on arrival visa. So prepare properly for the visa. Although we were not asked to show the cash we had with us, the visa requirement tells you to have a certain amount of cash in hand before approaching immigration -its better to follow the instructions in order to avoid any unfortunate scenario. The immigration at Krabi is a bit unmanaged, however I have come to know that the process is similar at all Thai airports.

Once you are through immigration, you need to call up your resort for arranging pickups. Alternatively you can book taxis from the airport as well. We took a taxi by ourselves. We booked a prepaid taxi from the Airport counters itself.

Dont forget to take the traveller sim from DTAC counter at the airport. The Happy Tourist SIM card plans are as mentioned here

The prepaid taxi will conveniently take you to your resort. We stayed in the Klong Muang locality and we highly recommend this place to all couple travelers as the beaches are not over populated with tourists and the only people on the beaches are the resort guests of the 5 star resorts covering the klong Muang beach road. Big names such as Sofitel and Sheraton are in this area.

Aao Nang is the main beach in Krabi which is over populated. However, the beach side restaurants and night life is much better in Aao Nang. Aao Nang is the most happening place in Krabi and all sighseeing boats start from Aao Nang only. Only problem with staying in Klong Muang is that it is far away from Aao Nang. So we managed a deal with a Taxi which would come at our call and take us to Aao Nang as and when we need.

In Aao Nang, there is a very nice sea food restaurant with live sea life aquarium. You choose a fish/crab/lobster in the aquarium and they will cook it for you. Do not miss the coconut ice cream and the cold coconut water in Thailand.

Go to one of the live music restaurants to spend the night in style amidst great live performances while munching on some great seafood or chicken massaman curry.

In the day, go for the awesome sightseeing trips around Krabi. You can go to the four island tour and/or the Maya Bay tour more popularly known as Phi Phi tour.


Krabi is also the nearest main land for visiting ‘The Beach’ – Maya Bay. This is where the paradise island scenes were shot in Leonardo de caprio’s movie called The Beach. This movie was not such a big hit. It was just after the titanic success of Leo. However the beach scenes in this movie made lot of people to travel to thailand just to find that same paradise island. Before the movie, this particular island was not so famous though. In the movie, Leo searches for a paradise island referred to like a treasure island by many locals in Thailand. Leo finds a map and through an adventure reaches the place which is hidden behind mountains. The place exists in real life as Maya bay and it is as mesmerizing as it is shown in the movie. It is actually hidden behind an encircling limestone cliff range and once you enter the circle, you see a small tiny beach in the lap of those mountains. The scene is spectacular to say least. On the way, there will be other island visits such as Bamboo Island etc. which are just another set of islands. Monkey island is a special one as it had monkeys all around in middle of ocean.

There are also tours of hong island and james bond island which one can do from Krabi.

Hong island is very close from Klong Muang. But even for that one, one need to go to Aao Nang to board a boat unless you are in specific resorts in Klong Muang that offer their own boat tours to the island. Hong Island is really beautiful tranquil island that one must visit. We fortunately were in one such resort arranging the boat trip to Hong Island. But unforunately there were less interested passengers on our day and hence resort cancelled the trip. So we went to Aao Nang and boarded boat from there.

In terms of boats, you have options between speed boats and long tail boats. We would recommend speed boats for long journeys (more than 15 minutes) as it is more safe and saves lot of time. For short rides, longtail boats are experience in themselves. We took one for our trip to Railay from Aao Nang.

Railay is not an island, but actually is on mainland. But oddly enough the beach is separated from main city by a set of guardian mountains that make it impossible for one to reach railay on land. One has to take a boat to reach railay which is basically a small strip of a beach in lap of these mountains. Railay can be very crowded at day time. It is advisable that you spend nights in one of the beach side resorts on the Railay (you have to choose the right one or else you may miss on the views). Nights and Mornings are magical in Railay. Having a breakfast on this awesome beach or enjoying a beach side candle light dinner in this beach is one of those enchanted moments in your life.


Koh Samui on the other hand has the best romantic resorts and some nice nightlife. Four Seasons, Intercontinental, Conrad – all of them are here. And there are some nice attractions here as well. We stayed at one of the resorts here are frankly speaking mostly stayed indoors enjoying the views from the resort. If you stay in the right resort here, then you can really enjoy Koh Samui in its all Luxurious Glory. There are some nice sightseeings too to pass the day time. We spent nights in the legendary Koh Samui nightclubs dancing our way through the night. Koh Samui has a vibrant night life and due to rich people coming in those top class resorts, if you go to right places you can enjoy a decent nightlife. Although like Pattaya, Koh Samui has a walking street which is famous for all indecent activities as well. So depending on your interest – be worry free or be aware.

From Phuket, the same island destinations can be visited that can be visited from Krabi.  Phuket is comparatively bit more congested than Krabi. However, because it is more frequented by travellers, arrangements are a bit better in Phuket. For example, there are more tour operators operating in Phuket than Krabi. We for example went to James bond island from Phuket and we like the tour operator’s professionalism. Phuket is generally more frequented by travelers, so dont expect much privacy on the beaches.

But the distance to the islands from Phuket, make the trips a bit costlier compared to krabi. One island called james bond island (PhangNga Bay) is closer from Phuket. And its a big attraction – thanks to the coverage of this natural beauty in the James Bond movie named Man with the Gloden Gun. Once you leave phuket in one of these trips, you again come back to the lap of nature and start enjoying the tranquility of the sea. However, choosing the right boat is of importance here. Some operators pack so many people in a boat that it becomes congested. Small personal boats are not always safe choices and they are also very very costly. So a balanced choice is needed for maximum enjoyment.

Pattaya is a great beach destination very nearby from Bangkok. So if you are on a tight budget or dont have time or money to visit one of the islands, then Pattaya is a budget travelers way to enjoy Andaman sea without travelling far off from the city of Bangkok.

Pattaya is known for three things: The beach, Nongnooch Village and a redlight district known as walking street which is also filled up with great bars and nightlife (after 12 midnight this becomes more redlight-ish). While one may skip the walking street (or may visit it), the beach or the garden are great places to enjoy. Snorkeling in Pattaya is not recommended as there is not much of a coral or marine life and also the water is dirty. You can check out some Muay Thai boxing in Pattaya and visit the pattaya floating market. For snorkeling experience, nearby koh larn is recommended.

For the couple travelers, we recommend Krabi or Koh Samui. Koh Samui is all about Luxury. Krabi is Luxury with some really nice attractions.

Bangkok & Krabi Tour Packages

Budget 30000 INR
Good Budget
Grand Luxury

Bangkok & Koh Samui Tour Packages

Budget 30000 INR
Good Budget
Grand Luxury

Family Destinations in Thailand

Bangkok, Ayyuthaya and Pattaya are very suitable destinations for a whole family with childrens and grand parents. Bangkok is basically a place where you will see Lord Rama being worshipped by the Royal King Family. Even the Kings are named as Rama 1, Rama 2 – that way. You will be proud to come to know of India’s rich history and influence in south east asia from the days of the past. When we reached Wat Pho (temple of reclining Buddha) we had zero idea about it. Once our guide started explaining the Murals, we were taken aback at the understanding of expanse of India in South East Asia in ancient times. All these places used to be Indian Kingdoms and Hindu texts are revered here to some extent even more than they are in some parts of India.

In Bangkok, there are very nice family visit places such as ocean world and Madame Tussaud. And both of these are basically inside a mall known as Siam Paragon! You can take a metro train ride to the mall and then visit these attractions. The are around Siam Paragon is a complete shopping district. The road side shops sell awesome stuff at very budget prices. There is a mall known as MBK Mall which is budget traveler’s dream for shopping. The MBK mall also had some good eateries that we enjoyed.

Another family destination in Bangkok is the Safari World park which is a combination of zoo plus ocean world kind of park. Best thing about safari world are the live shows arranged by the park. You can see dolphins and orangutans in the same park.


For Kids enjoyment, there is even a disneyland like park in Bangkok – and its quite good at building up a similar experience I must say. Offcourse you cant see your childhood stars such as Micky and Meanie, but the alternatives are presented nicely.

Then for seniors in the group, there are numerous temples in Bangkok with rich history to go with. The big statue of reclining buddha is a must see. Hindu elders will love the story of Ramayana in these temples. Dont forget to take a guide who can describe all those stories to you.

And then there is the Temple of Dawn – Wat Arun. Dont miss the sunrise view

If you are done with the Temples in Bangkok, you can head over to Ayutthaya – Basically Ayodhya in Thai. This is the old capital of Thailand which was vandalized at some point by burmese army, forcing royal family to move into today’s bangkok and recreate the glory days. To reach you have to take a boat ride and in this you can also combine a dinner cruise on Chao Phraya river. We enjoyed the trip to Ayutthaya. The ruins were really ruined, but the story of the ruins made it more exciting. We tried to map the Ayutthaya with Bangkok temples to realize how they tried to recreate the old capital in the new place. And that in my opinion is the biggest draw in Ayutthaya. Plus it makes for great snaps of the ruins.

On our way back we had dinner cruise planned on Chao Phraya. It was a magical experience to have the dinner in a luxurious cruise while checking out the lit up skyline or riveside of Bangkok. They have great lighting done for all the temples and the night view is a different experience by itself.

You also have pattaya as the nearest beach of Bangkok, so if you are on a tight budget, pattaya can be very cost effective option for checking out the andaman sea from Bangkok. Plus it has some family attractions too. Nongnooch village is a great family attraction. You can watch traditional shows, some muay thai show, elephant show etc.

Ripley’s believe it or not museum is great for kids to be amazed with the wonders of the world. Mini Siam will show you around the world in miniature form. Sanctuary of Truth by the sea is a wooden temple that will amaze all in the family.

Koh Samui also can be a good destination for families, owing to the attractions therein. But it is better for couples to leisurely spend their day in beautiful grand resorts of Koh Samui.

Phuket is great for families as it combines beach with local attractions and shopping markets. Phuket has it all that will keep your whole family entertained. Enjoy the luxurious resorts, enjoy the lovely beaches and when you need change then visit the awesome manmade structures like the Buddha statue and the wonderful temples.

For Families we recommend Bangkok and Phuket. Land in Bangkok, spend a few days in City and then move to Phuket for a enjoyable island life.

Bangkok & Phuket Tour Packages

Budget 30000 INR
Good Budget
Grand Luxury

Bar and Dance Destinations in Thailand

For the young looking for bars and dance, the map is from Bangkok, Pattaya to the club nights at Phuket and Ko Samui. Bangkok has some of the best nightclubs.

Although not recommended for too much wilderness, the night street of pattaya known as walking street is quite a world known attraction.

Koh Samui Nightlife is known to be great as well.

Finally to Conclude…

Thailand has something for everyone. Best experience in Thailand can only be derived by going with the right itinerary that suits your budget and taste.  We recommend Bangkok and Krabi to be two destinations that one can go blindfolded. For the rest of the destinations, cautioned planning is necessary. We are obviously there to help.