Langkawi is a tropical island in Malaysia. It is very close to the city of Kuala Lumpur and is a great beach destination. Featuring many luxurious resorts including Taj, the green islands of Langkawi offer a tranquil nature retreat for city dwellers. The beaches are extraordinary and the island hopping trips are memorable with treats like eagle feeding. There are eagles in Langkawi and you can literally see them hunting in front of your eyes.

A bit of information about Langkawi

Although it is gorgeous, it may not sound as a very familiar name to many Indians for a beach vacation. Langkawi Geopark is located in Malaysia. It is called jewel of Kedah ( a state in Malaysia). Its an archipelago of 99 islands. It is popular for the islands covered with green ancient forest and for the emerald colour of the sea.

The geographical elements of Langkawi are actually elevated ocean floor which rose above the waters due to tectonic plate movements. It is the part of ancient gondwana land.

SkyCab & SkyBridge

Langkawi also has a very popular cable car attraction known as skycab and skybridge. It offers a great panoramic view of the islands from above. The skycabs tickets are sold like hotcakes, so it is advisable to get there early in the day. The skycabs offer a very nice view of the surrounding from mountain top. From the skycab rides, you can go to the skybridge through a set of stairs known as nature walk through a jungle of trees. The skybridge offers great views and a glass bottom section high above the mountains. From there, through nature walk you have to come back to skycab station to board your return journey.

On return from the skycabs, one can proceed towards the famous 3D museum of Langkawi. It is a fun place which showcases lot of paintings and art installations that give you a feel of 3D when you look at them from a specific viewpoint.

Watersports and Parasailing

Watersports are quite popular in Langkawi. There are professional companies arranging for jet ski island hopping tours and parasailing. There are some resorts offering these options too.

In Langkawi, the best beach is said to be the Cenang beach. It is a pristine white sand beach. Most of the water activities happen here. All island hopping tours also would typically start from here.

There are some other beaches also in Langkawi, however instead of spending more time on mainland beaches, one should go for the famous island hopping trips of Langkawi.